Escape The Titanic

Escape The Titanic Answers and Cheats Level 31-35

Walkthrough, tips and cheats to Escape the Titanic levels 31– 35 with hints and solutions to help you solve every level!  Escape the Titanic Answers will help you beat each level of this addicting escape game for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.

Escape the Titanic Level 31

Take the crowbar in the middle of the room.
Tap the crowbar and use it to open crate 8176 in the corner of the room.
Take the life vests and exit level 31 using the ladder. To inflate the life vest, you’ll need to blow into your phone’s microphone!

Escape the Titanic Level 32

Tilt your phone/device to avoid the falling box crates.
Continue up the ladder to exit level 32.

Escape the Titanic Level 33

After your boat sinks, use to fingers to quickly pull yourself back to the top of the water.
Tap the life vest.
  • S. M.

    Stuck on 33. Is there a technique to pulling youself up?

    • night shadow

      hold your device and use both thumbs to swipe the screen down
      keep on doing that and youll get up

      • Mysterious

        It didn’t work when do u use the life suit

      • jasil

        dosnt work

  • night shadow

    I beat it thanks

  • Innes Knox-Mclean

    I can’t get passed the part when the boat is sinking help ?

    • Inez

      click the life suit to use it, and blow air into the microphone

      • Hibari Kyoya Hibari

        how to blow air?

        • Inez

          just with your mouth! physically blow air into the microphone of you iphone!

  • Mysterious

    Level 11 should look like this

  • Nicole Torry

    How do I inflate the life preserver for level32

    • Nicole Torry

      On a ipad

    • Inez

      blow air into the microphone! it’s crazy!

  • Nicole Torry

    How do I inflate the life preserver for level32 on a ipad

  • jasil

    Plz help me with lvl 33

  • Sofia Mouchtouri Elusive

    Stuck on 33 too…i’ll break the ipad.when should i use my life suit?

  • Hibari Kyoya Hibari


  • Hibari Kyoya Hibari

    stuck…help me

  • Inez

    To inflate the life suit, literally physically blow air into the microphone of you iphone!

  • Guest

    To inflate the life suit, literally physically blow air into the microphone of your iphone!

  • Rebecca Heatley

    Ok I tried every box with the crowbar and got nothing…any suggestions???? Plz help

    • Hayley

      In having the same problem…

    • Stephanie

      you have to get the paper hanging on the wall and choose the box with the flotation device

  • Kian Hutchinson

    Carnt get passed level 33

  • heather

    On level 35. How long does it take for the ship to see the fightlight? I can’t seem to get the ship’s attention?

  • Summer

    I am stuck on this part

  • Hayley

    I’ve opened every crate on level 31, 8176 isn’t working….

    • Gimcrack

      There is a list on the wall. You want to open the crate with the life jackets. Every time you open a wrong box the crate number changes.

  • Desire’

    Ok now I stuck on aiming the flare gun. It never makes it I always shoot the water.

    • Desire’

      Nevermind. I figured out to tilt the screen

  • debbie

    I’m stuck on level 33 and I’m on kindle fire HD so please tell me how to do it even though I’ve tried blow into microphone and nothing works!!! :-( HELP…. HELP….. PLEASE!!!!!

    • kiarA

      Just swipe the little air wire thing lol until it is done blowing up I have a kindle to

  • RealSnowWhite

    I’m playing this game on an Sony Xperia Z1 and can’t get past blowing up the life jacket even with the hands free ear phones in. Tried blowing into mic and it doesn’t work!

  • Autumn Elizabeth LaPlante

    to pass level 32 when the ship is sinking just rub the mouth piece to blow up to life vest on kindle fire.

  • Sambagirl2003

    O dont know how to do the walking to the door part. The screen ALWAYS tilts and i dont know how to stop it. Help me please

    • Cosy Giraffe

      Tilt towards the same direction as he is leaning

  • Kaira

    How are you going to get out of the water?Plus I got a kindle.So what are you going to do.

  • Kaira

    And I passed the boat.All you have to is touch the air pump.If you have a tablet or phone

  • Cosy Giraffe

    Terrible walk through for the boat sinking level! Shame on you!

  • Cosy Giraffe

    I recommend people Google a walk through, you’ll find much clearer ones out there, ironically…

  • heath b

    k so im s
    tuck in 33 nuthin I try works

  • heath b

    help stuck on 33 tryed everything

  • heath b

    so I cant pass level 33 I tryed to bloe into the phone an tryed everything cant get it