Escape The Titanic

Escape The Titanic Answers and Cheats Level 26-30

Walkthrough, tips and cheats to Escape the Titanic levels 26– 30 with hints and solutions to help you solve every level!  Escape the Titanic Answers will help you beat each level of this addicting escape game for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.

Escape the Titanic Level 26

They are only letting woman and children on the boat, no men yet.
Drag all the woman and children to the bottom of the screen, but don’t move the men. (Be careful, some men will be disguised as women and children – look for the beards and facial hair).
Lower down the lifeboat by slowly turning the crank clockwise.
Once the lifeboat has been brought down you can exit level 26.

Escape the Titanic Level 27

SOS – The boat is sinking fast!
Tap the door to zoom in on a combination lock.
Turn the lock until the number code reads 0487. Drag the switch under the numbers to the right.
You can now open the door and exit level 27.

Escape the Titanic Level 28

Try to call for help. Tap the piece of paper on the bottom of the screen that has all the mores code written on it.
Tap the small white piece of paper on the top of the screen.
Tap the mores code tapper on the top left side of the screen to say SOS SOS Sinking Fast Titanic 41N 50W
Now you can exit level 28
  • Samantha Cara

    lol! do you really have to blow into your microphone? I haven’t reached that level yet. good thing I play at home alone.

    • joyce cline

      Did you get an answer my Kindle Fire doesn’t have a Mic.

  • Emma Brown

    I can’t get through the crank one… it snaps anyway

    • Ery

      You have to keep trying different variations and find the path strongest for the rope to sustain the weight of the luggage. Basically try a bunch of different loops using the four cranes and eventually you get it

    • Grace

      Same for me

  • Susan Bradley MacInerney

    The name I had was Myrna and my code for the padlock was 6424. I think they will all be random. Goodluck

  • Tori Cubias

    I can’t pass level 29… I hold down the gold things and tap the door after getting the flare and that but it won’t open.

    • Rebecca Langsman

      The door slides open to right

  • Tiahns

    I can’t get past the part where you tilt back and forth to stay up and then have to slide the thingies around any Ideas in how the are supposed to be????

    • Cosy Giraffe

      my comment above

  • Lebanese

    I can’t pass level 30 do we have to tilt the phone or what help please .

    • Cosy Giraffe

      Tilt your phone the same way as the person is tilting

  • Randome Person 5618

    Level 27 I tried the code and It said it was incorrect

  • Stacey

    I’m on level 27 SOS… I’m putting 0487 for the padlock code. Not working for me. Any ideas???

    • Dawn Washburn


      • Loredana Theuma

        How do you enter the code?

        • joan

          Not working for me either. But I get all yellow lights with 0093 but the door isn’t opening

          • Cosy Giraffe

            Yellow means you’re 1 number away, the light will go green when it’s correct

    • SrMariette Bernier

      Turn right slowly until it lights up. Then turn left until it lights again and then again to the right. Then slide the lock down. Then slide the gate left.

    • Cutestcutiepie 12

      The code is 9466

  • Ery

    I really can not keep the balance in level 30. No matter what I do it seems to always fall more than halfway over. Any tips please!?

    • Cosy Giraffe

      Tilt phone the same way as the person is leaning

  • Grace

    I can’t get past level 30 how do you get across

  • Dawn Washburn

    Get the red ones up

  • joyce cline

    I don’t have a Mic. On my Kindle Fire, is there any other way to inflate the lifevest

  • Sambagirl2003

    I agree wth tiahns

  • Cosy Giraffe

    Finally got the hang of this tilting thing, stupid though it seems – tilt your phone in the same direction the person is tilting and it levels out :-)

  • Cosy Giraffe

    Finally got the hang of this tilting thing, stupid though it seems – tilt your phone in the same direction the person is tilting and it levels out :-)

  • Neil Wieczoreck

    I cant get past the morse code is the ending typed out fortyone north or four one N how is it typed so many ways to do it please help

  • Hannah

    I can’t get past the bit where you have to tilt your device:(

  • Hannah

    Please help me

  • Jay


  • Kathy Gabrielle

    I can’t get past mouse code level I tapped in the right code but it shakes and disappears