Escape The Titanic

Escape The Titanic Answers and Cheats Level 11-15

Walkthrough, tips and cheats to Escape the Titanic levels 11– 15 with hints and solutions to help you solve every level!  Escape the Titanic Answers will help you beat each level of this addicting escape game for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.

Escape the Titanic Level 11

You’re in a room with a giant cargo box and some pulleys
Use the rope you picked up in level 8
Use it to wrap around the pulleys in front of you
Then, drag the end of the top to the metal bar (kleat) at the bottom of the screen
A zoom in of the kleat will pop up
Wrap the rope multiple times around so that you can pull the cargo in front of you out of your way

Escape the Titanic Level 12

You’re in a large room with a red car
Tap the car
You’ll see disconnected electrical wires of varying colors
Each electrical wire has a number
You’re going to do a little bit of math! Use the wires and their corresponding number to plug them in to the numbered sockets on the left
Tap the end of any wire to select it and then tap the socket you want to add it to
For socket #32
For socket #26
For socket # 29
You will leave 19 unplugged.

Escape the Titanic Level 13

You’re at the bottom of a room and you need to get up the ladder in front of you
But it’s too tall! Tap the rope
You’re going to need to use your finger to fling the rope in front of you
Don’t aim for the white and grey hook! The spot you actually want to lasso is to the left of that (a small gold hook on the side of the ladder)
Sometimes, you may get the hook but the rope will fall down anyways! If this happens, try aiming for the ladder’s hook on the lower left-hand side.

  • Babi Sands

    Stuck on Level 11 – the rope keeps breaking!

    • S. M.

      You just need to figure out the proper order to go around the pulleys. Can’t remember it exactly but just try different combos til you get it. You do use all the pulleys.

    • anon.

      You don’t use 19. The correct answer for this is…
      32- 12,5,15
      26- 17,9
      29- 13,16

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    • Sarah Gertiser

      It’s doesn’t work

  • Kiwan

    What’s the answer for 14

  • Amatullah Oyefolu

    don’t get number 13 the rope won’t go up and the hook keeps breaking

  • Ray

    I don’t get number 11 that’s the one with the first class second class and third class??

    • Sara Kinsella

      move the boxes around until they’re set for which type of passenger would use that luggage.

  • Keava Coleen D’Shotz Lennon

    It wants me to buy a gold or silver pass before doing level 15, is this right? I’m not paying, is there a way around it? I click no thanks and it brings me back to the home menu :(

    • Cutestcutiepie 12

      Same with me

  • Emma Bowers

    It will not let me carry on! Lvl 15

  • Kelly

    I need help with 13 I don’t know how to use the rope with the ladder

  • Edwin Raiford

    stuck on level 14 can’t line up established help

  • Darlene Fiorille

    do I need to join to get past the level Captain’s orders: tickets please. (level 15)

  • Cheryl Biles

    ROPE KEEPS BREAKING!!! Can’t figure it out!!!

  • Chelsea Lajune Conley

    I can not get the ropes for level 11!

  • Kim Higgins

    Level 11! Help help help. I can’t find the proper pattern to put the rope on the pulleys.

  • Kanian Ndluogsk

    When will I get the free version of this game? I have done all the steps that is need ed but I can’t get it to work. It says that I need to complete anything offer.